Somebunny thinks you’re special

So you might have noticed by now most, OK all, of my crafts contain food. Who doesn’t love some sweets?! And the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right? 😉

For Easter this year I made the teachers fudge. I was totally blown away by how easy it is to make. I had no idea. None. I think I will make it for the holidays and give it out as a gift. Before I made this recipe, I would have never known how simple it is. And man, oh man was it delicious.

I found the Easy 4-Ingredient Easter Fudge recipe from KitchenCents. There is also this super helpful YouTube video.

I did not find the colored marshmallows, I just used the regular white marshmallows. I think the colored ones would have looked nicer but I don’t think anything was lost without them. I did notice my marshmallows melted a bit in the warm chocolate but it still tasted great.

It seemed my fudge took longer to set than the recipe said. Maybe mine was too thick.

Once the fudge was set and semi-firm, I cut it into cubes. The pieces were definitely uneven in shape and size but I did not care. I put several pieces of fudge into cellophane bags.

Mine does not look as pretty as KitchenCents’ but it tasted great.

Craft time-

What you will need:

  • Burlap bag
  • White paint
  • Wax paper

I had a ton of leftover burlap bags from our wedding favors. (The burlap bags were really small, I would have preferred a larger bag so I could have fit more fudge but I had already stamped the burlap bags so I was stuck with using them.)

I created two bunny outlines in Illustrator and cut them out. I used the negative space to create a stamp.

I placed some wax paper inside of the burlap bag so the paint would not bleed through. I placed the bunny stamp over the bag, held it down and dabbed the white paint. The pictures I saw online used less paint but as I got painting I liked the look of a full, white, bunny. I thought about adding a little pom-pom tail for the bunny but did not get around to it. Maybe next year.

One version of the burlap bunny bag

I let the bags dry overnight and then placed the fudge filled cellophane bags inside. Since the bags were so small I gave each teacher two bags.

I had a lot of leftover fudge. I sent some in a container to daycare and enjoyed the rest myself. Yum!

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