St. Patrick's Day

Luck of the Irish

Everyone is part Irish, right? 😉

I found several delicious recipes on Pinterest for some St. Patrick Day inspired treats. I narrowed my board down to two feasible recipes for me – I am no Betty Crocker, by any means. I could not decide so I tried both.

I found the recipe for the Mint M&M brownie cookies, or as I call them brookies, from Love to be in the Kitchen. This recipe was incredibly simple and delicious. Plus they look so festive!


The next recipe I attempted was Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Food Charlatan. I was a little intimidated by the ingredient list. For me, the fewer the ingredients the better. They are a spin off of the traditional chocolate chip cookie; you add some mint flavoring and some green dye to get the St. Patrick’s Day look and taste. To be honest, I have never before made a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I know, I know, that is absurd. These cookies were delicious and rather easy to make!


Now onto the craft portion –

What you will need:

  • Cellophane bags
  • Green ribbon
  • Green construction paper
  • Patterned green paper
  • X-acto knife and cutting board
  • Round hole punch
  • Marker or Sharpie

The presentation:
I put six cookies in a cellophane bag – each teacher got one bag of each type of cookie. I tied the bags shut with some shiny green Christmas ribbon and curled the ends.

I outlined a four leaf clover in Illustrator and cut out a template to trace onto some green construction paper. (Download the four leaf clover template. I drew multiple sizes so I could see which size looked best.) I hand cut these with an X-acto knife. I thought they would be easier to cut then they were but I am a perfectionist. They were a little wonky but did the job.

I had two leftover paper circle cut-outs that I wrote an Irish blessing:

Where you go
Whatever you do
May the luck of the Irish
be there with you

I punched a hole in both the four leaf clover and the paper circles so I could tie them to the green ribbon.


The teachers loved the cookies – and so did I! I will definitely make both recipes again. I am eager to change up the brookie recipe and try different flavored m&ms.


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